What Will Happen In A Hypnotherapy Session?


I offer a free consultation, generally lasting around 30 minutes. During this time I will discuss with you your requirements. It’s a chance for me to gather personal information such as medical history, sleeping patterns and lifestyle information. I will explain how the hypnotherapy process will work to ensure a comfort and relaxing, friendly atmosphere. The great thing about solution focused hypnotherapy is that I won’t require you to tell me anything about your past or the reason for seeking help.

If you decide that hypnotherapy is right for you then we can book an appointment. The hypnotherapy session will begin with a positive chat about the week you have had and the miracle question will be asked. This is designed to help you think of solutions to your problem or problems.

I will then go through the brain and explain why you are feeling the way you do and experience the things you may be experiencing.

I will then ask you to relax in the chair and start to lead you into deep physical and mental relaxation. Once deeply relaxed I can begin to use suggestions and techniques to help embed information about the brain and to change your mindset so that you can work towards achieving your goals.

At the end of the session I will bring you back from your trance state and you will feel positive and extremely relaxed.

How Long Will A Hypnotherapy Session Last?

In all, the hypnotherapy session will last between 50 – 60 minutes.

How Regularly Will I Need Sessions

Sessions initially begin on a weekly basis, then can be less frequent depending on the reason for which you are seeking hypnotherapy. Smoking sessions are a one off session lasting two hours. Sessions for issues such as depression are longer term. Progression also lies in the clients hands and dependent on the issue, level of said issue, every client is different. This makes it difficult to estimate the length of time but generally six to ten sessions are required.