What is Hypnotherapy


What is hypnotherapy is a question that i get asked regularly. Hypnosis is usually something we associate with being made to cluck like a chicken or my personal favourite “look into my eyes”. This amuses me but their is a serious side to hypnosis in the form of clinical hypnotherapy. ┬áThis doesn’t involve any of the stage “tricks” and works effectively to help people live a much more positive life.

There are lots of types of hypnotherapy. The Solution focused approach teaches the brain a new way of thinking. If we concentrated on the past and the negatives we can almost instantly make ourselves feel unhappy and worry.

Try this, sit back and think of all the times in your life where you have been happy, all the great things, great food, great places and great people that you have met in your life. Do you feel better now then when you first started reading this page?

Now imagine that you no longer worry about the past and are able to sort things easily and not worry about them. Your be surprised how much this can help and what it can help with. Habits for example, are usually sourced from something deeper that is going on in your mind and your not even aware of it, you’re only aware of the habit.


You maybe diagnosed with depression and asked questions about how you’re feeling in order to scale the level of depression that you are suffering. You can answer these, but if i asked you, what is depression, could you answer?

Most people cant because unfortunately understanding how the mind works isn’t a subject that we are able to take at school. Our thoughts and processes are our personal secrets and we go through life learning how to cope with these when they arise as we have no choice but to do so. Sometimes its hard and we need to seek help, whether it be medication or therapy. Whatever you are considering, it has to be what you feel is right for you.